Our Design Services

Our interior design services render the Kristin Mullen Designs brand a valuable resource for clients seeking a curated turnkey solution, a bespoke option that can never be replicated, or third-party construction collaboration consultation.

Curated Services

Curated Services are just that, curated!  We select and source stylish furnishings and finishes to create a unique look providing our clients a painless experience on a streamlined timeline.  Fees for this service are based on the scope of work, scale, and number of rooms. The process is simple and straightforward where we do the work so you don’t have to! Fees for these services are set, based upon the type of room we will be designing.

Step 1. Client submits room measurements, photos, and inspirational images to Kristin Mullen Designs via email.

Step 2. We schedule a 30-minute minimum phone consultation when we ask many questions to confirm details, sense of style, number and use of space(s), color preferences, etc.

Step 3. Our team puts together a design concept together with specifications for finishes and furnishings with pricing for each. We then make a formal presentation to the client with the proposed curated finds.

Step 4. At client’s request, we will provide one set of revisions.

Step 5. Upon finalizing the design concept and agreeing all elements, we will purchase items for delivery direct to client’s home.

Step 6. When the furnishings arrive, our team will complete the finishing touches on site.

Bespoke Services

Bespoke Services are more often a consideration for clients considering a longer-term project – new construction, or entire home re-design where we collaborate with the client, and client’s architect/or builder.  We are also happy to design single room spaces based on a client’s desire for a unique, custom design.

Bespoke projects are typically characterized by a large number of highly individualized custom furnishings, one-of-a-kind antiques, and finishes, including structural interior architectural elements that cannot be replicated and therefore have longer lead times for completion.

From concept to customer, we deliver to the client a luxurious experience in interior design. Fees for bespoke services are billed hourly.

Construction Design Consultation

Construction Design Consultation allows us to offer our design consultation services for clients who are building a new home or renovating their existing homes. We work with architects and builders to envision a design aesthetic, provide finish specifications, furniture layouts, interior elevations, color schemes, and attend to any detail that our clients desire.  We will source and specify materials that render the design a reality.  This process allows for the seamless integration of a KM Design into the bones of the home. Fees for construction design consultation are based hourly and on the scope of work.

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