“I believe… that every space has a story to tell. The narrative may be bold and colorful, honest and hard-working or soft as a whisper. New and old, whimsies and treasures, pieces that resonate with the maker’s hand – all are part of the story. My role is to give a voice to your tale.” – Kristin Mullen

Kristin Mullen designer image

A native of Tacoma Park, Maryland and now long-time resident of Dallas, Texas, Kristin Mullen shares a lifelong passion and commitment to interior design, the skills of which were developed from a mother who had a voracious appetite for interpreting emerging design trends in the family home.  Not until she moved to London, where classical architecture and timeless interiors captured her imagination, did design truly become an integral part of her life.

Kristin studied at Northwestern University and New York University, graduating with a degree in Speech and Language Pathology and a minor in Theater. She dove fully into the design world while collaborating with a prominent local architectural firm on the interior of her own home. Soon thereafter she was approached to design a friend’s home and Kristin Mullen Designs was formed.

Color plays a key role in Kristin’s interiors. “Strong colors will dictate how many layers one needs, whereas a neutral palette will allow for more layering before one’s eye tires,” remarks Kristin. Whimsy too plays an integral part in her aesthetic, but her ultimate goal is to create timeless interiors that speak to each individual client’s lifestyle and sensitivity to the architecture.

She attributes her style to the travels and places she has lived throughout America, England, Europe and Asia; and to time spent in historic homes, palaces and museums all of which have had a measurable impact.  Kristin’s aesthetic is timeless, rooted in classic principles and leavened by a willingness to introduce modern elements and a touch of fantasy.  You see it in her interiors and in her Dallas studio which is an extension of her brand.

In 2019 Kristin was selected to design a room in Traditional Home’s Hampton Designer Showhouse. She is the recipient of cover stories featured in Country French, LUXE Interiors, and Southern Home magazines and Beautiful Kitchens – a special interest publication of Meredith Corporation. Kristin was included in the LUXE 2020 Gold List, and D Home Magazine awarded her Best Designer in 2020, 2021, and 2022. Kristin was named one of Traditional Home’s New Trads in 2021 as a rising star in design, and most recently, Kristin was selected to speak at the Dallas Museum of Art’s “Pop of Art” event.

Kristin Mullen Designs - Royal Northaven Lounge